Barcelona vs Napoli  ends in a draw, as Ferran scores from the spot.


Barcelona vs Napoli ended in a draw in the 1st leg of UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE playoffs.Borh teams scored a goal each and were not able to score further.Barcelona had plenty of the possession with having 67% of the ball.

But, it was Napoli who broke the deadlock in the 29th with Zielenski scoring the goal.Ter stegen saved the shot but on rebound it fell for Zielenski who scored.

Napoli celebrating
Ferran celebrating

Whereas, for Barcelona Ferran Torres missed plathora of chances in the first half.But,in the second half Traore was fouled in the box and Barcelona got a penalty.Ferran Torres was brave enough after missing all those chances in the first half he went up for the penalty and buried it into the back of the net. Barcelona vs Napoli ended in a draw and now the second leg will be played in Naples.

Barcelona created many chances and had 21 shots on goal whereas Napoli had only 4.Barcelona are looking good as a team creating chances day in and day out. This Xavi side is on its way to becoming one of the best European sides.

Europa League could be the only title that Barcelona hope to win and they will remember that in the second leg in the Naples.

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