Nadal vs Fritz : Indian Wells Final.


Nadal vs Fritz is this year’s Indian Wells Final and the stage is set for the new champion to be crowned.

Indian Wells Final
Nadal vs Fritz

Both, Nadal and Fritz won their semi final ties against Alcaraz and Rublev respectively.

Nadal vs Alcaraz

Rafael Nadal beat his fellow Countryman Alcaraz un a thrilling 3 set match.

The young Spaniard tried to put up a great fight but, Nadal’s experience and precise shots gave him the victory.

Indian Wells Final

21 time grand slam winner won the first set 6-4.But, the youngster changed the match in second set winning it 6-4.

Nadal came back stronger in the third one with a scoreline of 6-3.

Fritz vs Rublev

The American kept the hope of The States alive with his triumph over Rublev.

Fritz won the first set 7-5 with a strong display.

Indian Wells Final

The second set ended with a very interesting rally with both players fighting hard for the point.

Fritz came out on the top ending Rublev’s unbeaten run.

Final Preview : Indian Wells Final

Indian Wells finale stage is all set with Nadal facing Fritz.

Rafa is on an unbeaten run of 20 matches and this is his carerler best start to any season.

Fritz on the other hand had a dream run into the final beating Rublev in the semis.

Fritz is the American hope of winning the tournament on home.

Both the players have crossed roads only once before and Nadal came out on top in that tie.

The final is going to be very interesting.

If Nadal wins this is going to be his 4th title this year.

Indian Wells Final

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