Portugal, Poland through to the World Cup.


Portugal and Poland are through to the World Cup.

World Cup

Senegal has also got their spot for Qatar 2022.

Portugal vs North Macedonia : World Cup Qualifier

Cristiano Ronaldo led Portugal has been very on and off in the qualifiers.

Also, not favoured by VAR in the qualifiers ruling out their winning goal to ensure qualification.

But, finally Portugal arr through to the World Cup beating North Macedonia 2-0 in the final playoff.

North Macedonia surprised everyone beating Italy to set a show down against Portugal.

But, Portugal were more motivated as Macedonia was not even creating chances and were completely relying on disrupting Portugal’s play.

Portugal World Cup
Bruno Fernandez

Bruno Fernandez came to the Portuguese rescue with a brace,Ronaldo also got an assist which included a nutmeg.

Portugal was clearly the better side in the match and has now, entered the World Cup.

Finally both Messi and Ronaldo will play their 5th World Cup each and it might also be their last one.

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Poland vs Sweden

Poland also qualified for the World Cup putting up kind of an upset against Sweden.

World Cup

Sweden had their team included by stars and youngsters like Forsberg, Isak and Zlatan on bench.

Sweden were attacking a lot but, wasn’t able to convert their chances.

Poland on the other hand got a penalty and Lewandowski converted it.

Poland also got the second goal due to the defensive error.

After the second goal Sweden lost their intent and literally stopped creating anything.

Now, Lewandowski has led his team Poland to the World Cup and would hope to perform well in the winters.

Egypt vs Senegal

The most nail biting match was played in Africa where Mo Salah failed to lead Egypt into the World Cup.

World Cup

Egypt lost to Senegal on penalties.

The aggregate score remained 1-1 at the end of extra time.

But,fans were not having any of it.As they started flashing lasers on the ground and on Egyptian players.

During penalties both teams missed their first two penalties.

Mo Salah missed his penalty after getting completey covered with laser lights.

Mo Salah
Mo Salah

But,Senegal scored their next 3 penalties.

Edu Mendy also saved a couple of penalties and led Senegal into the World Cup.

Mane got the better of Salah for the second time on penalties.


Till now, 29 teams have qualified for the Qatar.

Three remaining team will join them later this summer.

The draw for Qatar 2022 will take place on 1st April 2022.

We are going to bring a detailed preview of the draw .


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